Natalie Tate     Artist
Early explorations of the matter/spirit interface
of the Contemplative Exploration section
'The Picture Hook', guilded. Self
portrait. 2006. 500x500mm
Triptych. Each 300x1000mm.
Oil on graphite on canvas. 2004
Acrylics on black gessoed canvas.
Self portrait. 2006. 1020x750mm   SOLD
Graphite & metallic Oils on slack gessoed canvas #1.
2006. 750x1020mm
Triptych. Oil on panels each 1x1m. 2005
Graphite & metallic Oils on canvas #2.
2006. 750x1020mm    SOLD
Graphite & metallic & interference Oils on canvas. 840x1220mm. 2006
Graphite & metallic Oils on canvas. 1x1m. 2006
Impasto relief. Metallic and interference Oils on Acrylic gesso on canvas. 2006. 1980x1200m


Natalie Tate (O'Callaghan)
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