Natalie Tate Artist
Commissioning a Painting

Commissioning a painted portrait

Just your expression of interest. I will email you a general guideline to cover all your portrait details to ease the emailed consultation process. No obligation.

Commissioning a Requested Image

What do you want your painting to look like?

This is an example commission to indicate the same subject can be rendered differently. I am comfortable rendering your photo references into a "realistic" portrayal, or in a more contemporary dimensional style. In the former, the painting illustrates all the details.


In the latter, imagination can come up with surprises!


Provide as much visual information as you can, as well as your oral 'story'. Feed my imagination. Feed my capacity to render a scene etc authentically, though the photographic information may be fragmented. All supporting photos are useful.

Investigate my website pages in the 'Portrait & Requested image' section, and in the 'Recent works and Archival Galleries', to find a style you prefer. Or challenge me (please) to pull out something new from that ever willing creative reservoir that we all share.

Where do you want your canvas to hang? Is there a shape to consider?
Is there a time frame important to you as to when the painting could be presented?
Oil or acrylic paintings on canvas can be couriered, and if you cover my basic travelling expenses - even delivered. I am always keen to be back on the road again, and to meet the people I serve.

In the meantime, let us communicate our ideas by email.

Cheers, Natalie.


Natalie Tate (O'Callaghan)
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